They tried to sabotage her future. Now, she’ll bring them to their knees.

Avid gaming enthusiast and Baltimore resident Jane Jackson is overjoyed when she receives an offer to work for a multibillion-dollar Seattle-headquartered gaming company that promises to revolutionize the world of gaming technology. But her experience quickly turns sour when she finds herself caught up in a hostile corporate world awash with gross mismanagement, avarice, and discrimination.

When Jane finds herself thrust headfirst into a massive human resources scandal, she’s faced with an impossible choice—to fight for what she believes in, thereby painting a target on her back, or to back down and let the culprits get away. This plucky Harvard graduate has fought for everything she’s ever had, and she’s determined not to back down for anyone. But to bring one of the biggest gaming technology companies to its knees, she’ll need more than a little grit and determination…

Combining all the riveting elements of a legal drama with stark and profound reflections on the perils of corporate America, Rookie is a gripping read that artfully tackles contemporary social issues and themes while empowering readers from all backgrounds.


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Lindi Tardif is an author, technology start-up founder, member of boards, and an international tax lawyer with more than two decades of extensive experience in the corporate world with blue chip companies.

Armed with her relentless drive to succeed, Lindi’s diverse career has led her across the globe, from Johannesburg and London to Boston and Seattle. Just as she did in her memoir, Daughter of Apartheid, in her debut novel, Rookie, Lindi draws on her personal and community experiences in the U.S. and abroad to convey powerful messages about contemporary social issues and discrimination.

Lindi earned a Master of Laws in taxation degree from Boston University, as well as a Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Laws, and a Master of Laws in taxation from Wits University. Born and raised under apartheid in Soweto, South Africa, Lindi currently lives on Mercer Island, Washington, with her kids.