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Daughter of Apartheid

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My Mercer Island coverage on my daughter's book


Voice of America: How Ubuntu could change the face of US police brutality


Criminal justice reform proposals.

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Witsies around the World


Profile on Daughter of Apartheid book and career.

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Sunday Times Book Review


Daughter of Apartheid clinches 4 stars!

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Transforming our journeys to healing


Review of Daughter of Apartheid by Dzikamai Bere, National Director at the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association.

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The tsotsis in the car


Almost jackrolled on the streets of Soweto!

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Listen to Lindi Tardif’s Story of Forgiveness in Daughter of Apartheid


How can we overcome victimization to become victors?

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Federal Criminal Justice Reform Proposals Post Floyd’s Death


George Floyd Dies in Police Custody in MN

A black man is killed in Minneapolis during an arrest

Learn MoreMay 25, 2020

Protests Start in MN and Spread Throughout Country

Protesters rise up to demand racial justice

Learn MoreMay 26, 2020

Democrats Unveil “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act“

Legislation introduced by Democrats in Congress

Learn MoreJun 08, 2020

Trump Signs Executive Order

“Executive Order on Safe Policing for Safe Communities” Signed

Learn MoreJun 16, 2020

Republican Senators Unveil “Justice Act”

Republicans in Senate, led by Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) shared their law enforcement practices reform proposals.

Learn MoreJun 17, 2020

Senate Democrats Block Republican Justice Act

GOP denied 60 votes needed on procedural vote to start debate on the Bill

Learn MoreJun 24, 2020

George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020 Passed by House

House of Representatives passes statute

Learn MoreJun 25, 2020

Comparative Analysis of Legislation

George Floyd Justice in Policing Act v. Senate Republican Bill v. Pres. Trump Executive Order

Learn MoreAug 02, 2020

What Can You Do?

Urge your Senators to support the Justice in Policing Act!

Learn MoreAug 16, 2020


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